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I met Betty when I was 21 years old, fresh out of university, working as a chiropractic assistant by day and an entrepreneur by night (and weekends). Betty has always supported and encouraged me as a person, as well as in my beauty and Arbonne businesses. When she reached out to book me for her city hall wedding I was overjoyed!
She chose this classic, old Hollywood look and I couldn’t be happier! After pinning the curls to set, I gently brushed them out, then used duck bill clips to set the shape before finishing with a flexible hold spray.

These are two of my favorite photos from the whole day because they show Betty’s incredible beauty as a woman and a mother. She is simply amazing!
Thankfully we squeezed in a few quick photos before the family rushed out the door to San Francisco!

Betty, you are radiant, shining from your heart and soul. Being there on your big day was truly an honor and a joy and I thank you for always believing in me and encouraging me to pursue my dreams.


Congratulations to the beautiful Motts family! BrittniJColemanBlog

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